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The Computer Guyz

Need an IT partner to ensure that your business has every advantage? We provide reliable, efficient IT solutions and services in Cape Town and Pretoria as well as Durban. Ultimately our goal is to assist and enable our customers to keep up with the rapidly changing tech world.

The Computer Guyz
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TCG Forensics

Our track record has seen us working on some of South Africa's most prominent investigations into Fraud, Cybercrime and violent crimes. We ARE the meeting point between technology & investigative skills. We have our OWN internal lab facilities which means less evidence handling, faster turnaround times.

Digital Forensics
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Open Source Intelligence refers to the use of publicly accessible information as well as databases to collect information in a structured manner. Information is gained from Public and Private databases, the surface web and domain, deepweb and the darkweb respectively.

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Courses are available as open (all welcome to attend) and as closed workshops for specific companies and industries. All workshops include training notes, handouts and tea/cofee/ meals as per schedule.

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